Kanchenjunga Circuit and Base Camp Trek Oct, 2015

“Kanchenjunga Circuit/Base Camps trek, Oct, 2015”
Trek off the beaten path, far from the crowds, into the sparsely populated and remote N.E. corner of Nepal, to the home of the Snow Leopard and the world’s third highest peak – Kanchenjunga.
Two of us, both retired Americans with Nepal experience, are going to trek the Kanchenjunga Circuit beginning early October 2015 (slightly flexible). This will be an independent trek (not a packaged tour) with a comfortable 23 day schedule securing our food and lodging at basic tea houses at budget prices along the route (no camping needed). Each trekker will be responsible for their own expenses which would include permits, transportation, food, lodging, own porter (if desired) and personal incidentals. Shared costs would be the required guide’s daily rate and bus or possible Jeep hire to Taplejung. Our intention is a simple, relaxed, enjoyable and budget-mid range trek with each person making their own daily food and expense choices.
This is not an ‘easy’ trek by Nepal route standards, but in terms of sheer views of the massif and unspoilt village culture, this trek is considered one of the finest in the entire eastern Himal. Best information on the trek can be found here: http://kanchenjungatrek.org/.

We would like to add a couple more trekkers to defray shared costs and to enhance the group dynamic and interaction. We would like to keep it to a party of four, which we have found to be the most practical, but will consider any serious inquiry.
If this sounds interesting, post back or send a PM and we will get back to you with more information.

Roger and Paul



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  1. Hi guys,
    I am planning to do this exact trek i.e. N and S Kanchenjunga base camps in a relaxed 22-23 days. I plan to have a porter to carry my bag of 10Kg. But I want to share Guide, Group-Permit and to-fro to Sukhetar travel costs from Kathmandu. I am Indian from Mumbai and an experience trekker (see my blog: https://sites.google.com/site/suhanasafarbyks/). I am a slow and relaxed walker. I have 3-4 main major treks in Nepal. The only issue is w.r.t. dates … I would have liked to start the Trek around 4th Oct and finish by 27th Oct. Let me know you views. Thanks. KS

  2. Roger, want to add this – In case I unable to find trekking partners for the early 4-27 Oct dates I have in mind … would like to join your group. So please do look at my profile and confirm if is OK to join. BTW: Last year Oct, I did the Manaslu Circuit with Tsum Valley Trek on similar terms (as outlined in your original post) with an Australian and 2 Israelis (joined through this forum). Regards, KS

    • Hi Kothanda, thanks for writing….you say “want to add this”, have you communicated otherwise, I do not see anything, perhaps I misunderstand…regardless, we can talk about it. Your available free dates if firm will not fit…we intend to depart KTM for Taplejung early to mid OCT and end the trek around 07 Nov back at Taplejung/Sukitar. These dates due to other commitments are pretty firm. We have an itinerary worked out. If I have misunderstood and if fact you can adjust to our plan, pls let me know, thanks, Roger

  3. Hi Roger, Thanks for quick reply.

    What I meant is I prefer to start the K-trek earlier around on 4th Oct. IF I get a partner/group for those dates.

    If I don’t get anyone for my dates, then I would try and postpone my trek to suit your dates i.e. 14-Oct to 7-Nov and join your group, if my profile/info is OK by you.

    In any case I will decide firmly in next one month i.e. by end -July-2015.

    Meanwhile if you have a detailed date-wise itinerary of your trip please send me a copy via email (ks_bluechip@yahoo.com) or as a reply here on this forum.


  4. Kothanda, email sent to you, Roger


  6. Hi Roger and Paul,
    do you still have one spot in your trek?

  7. Hi Stan, we are full up now. If you want you can check back late Sept or early OCT.

  8. Hi Roger and Paul
    Do you have any spots on your trek

  9. Hi Kavita, sorry, we are full up so no spots. Roger

  10. Hi Roger,
    do you have any cancelation in your group? I would be interested in this trek.

  11. Hi Stan, no, no cancellations and no reason to expect any at this time…perhaps contact others on this list….Roger

  12. Stan, over time svrl people have asked me about that trek at that time frame…most on Lonely Planet, Nepal country site

    …if I was you I would start a thread for ‘Kanchenjunga trek companions’ or some such thing there now…you might get a bite…also look and/or post on trekkingpartners.com. there may be someone else out there looking too but has not posted….two other sites seem problematical but you can try….trekinfo.com and trekbooking.com …..good luck. Roger

  13. Roger,
    thanks for the info.