Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

hello everyone, i will be heading to KBCs on the 21st of november. i think we will hike around 22 days. im not real sure and very flexible. the guide i haver i used two years ago and he was great so of course i will be going with him again. i will then carry on after to makalu and you can join me or bus/fly back to KTM. im an experienced hiker but i dont need to “fly” on the trail. i enjoy checking the terrain out. i dont need to do super long days either, just the normal route. anyway i hope this might appeal to someone. let me know. cheeers, j.c.

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  1. After further review, I think the total cost per person would be $1000 for 25 days. $70 permits, $315/person for guide, $60 transportation (buses,$20 each way plus each paying one way for guide), $20/ day for food and lodging, (this cost could be less depending on what you order. I’m just aiming high), and so @$75 for other things gets us to $1000/person. Wow that Hirt my brain. Let’s hike! J.c.

  2. hey.
    i’ve just a question?
    what your plan to join Taplejung?
    bus or flight?

  3. Mathieu, we will bus into taplejung hike and then I’ll traverse over to makalu to b.c. Then back down to arum valley over to three passes and either fly out of lukla or bus from jiri. Siri, my guide says the cost of transportation (2 days is close to$20 ktm to taplejung). J.c.

  4. Hey 🙂 I am going to do the Annapurna circuit the next following days and would like to do a more remote hike as well. I am not 100% sure, need to see how this trek goes but I think I would be up for Kanchenjunga. 😉

  5. That sounds great dita. I fly into ktm on the 18th. I was thinking a few days to get final organization, or if you’re me all of it, finished. I know a lot can happen until then but if you’re still into trekking after Annapurna let me know. I’m going for sure and would love a couple more people to join. Have fun on Annapurna. Cheers j.c.

  6. hey j-c thanks for your answer..
    you want cross the tree pass (west col, sherpani pass etc)…with only one guide?
    i’ve alredy used this way and you have few days without accomodation or village..an need some alpin equipement..

  7. Matthieu, yah I know I need a high altitude porter as well. I have been on top of alpha labsta but from chukung. My plan now is to see if I can get another to share guide costs for this route and if it’s possible this time of year but if not I will hike back towards taplejung from KBC then hike over to num and up to makalu base camp. I stay up there a couple of days then hike back down and catch the arun valley route which links up with the jiri to lukla track. I will then head up to the three passes from there. I know this adds a week to the hike as opposed to the sheripani col route. I will have my tent, stove and everything else on my back anyway. So that’s no problem. I hike a lot of long distance trails (1000 miles or more) and I am used to carrying all the gear and 7-8 days worth of food on my back. It is heavier but I think more rewarding in the end. Anyway, where are you headed? Cheers, j.c.

  8. ok.don’t worry you look all right.
    me i’m just looking now fot the KC trek. so it’s a pity to haven’t the same date…i’ve make the same trip in 2001 jiri to arun by the 3 pass, it was really nice..have a really good trip

  9. Ok so the mostly set departure date is the 24th fly out to taplejung. Right now there are two of us and a guide. Total cost @$1050 for 23-24 days.