Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Hi guys

I am planning to do the kanchenjunga base camp trek (south to north), leaving KAT on the 17th/18th of November 2015, traveling as independently as possible (guide only), sleeping and eating in local houses.
I am looking for other treekers to split costs of guide.
I am a relatively experienced trekker, traveling with my wife.
Anyone interested?



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  1. Hey that sounds good. I hiked in Nepal two years ago for six months but didn’t get to kbc. Are you going to both base camps? I also know a very experienced guide I’ve used in the past, but I can go with another. Anyway, let me know if this trip is still an option. Cheers, j.c.

  2. Hi JC,

    Thanks for your reply. i am now not sure about where to go, either kbc, or manaslu / tsum valley, mainly because of flight costs. have you done manaslu / tsum valley? how much would your guide cost for the kbc?

  3. hey joao, i did the manaslu/tsum valley trek two years ago. it was great. make sure to go up the tsum valley. our guide was $25/day which we split. we met three other groups who didnt make the pass because they had poor guides. siri, our guide was the reason we were able to get over. i can put uyou intyo contact with him if you want.

    • Thanks a lot for your email. Please send me siri´s contact! I am not sure if the valley is open because of the earthquake, information is a bit scarce but i am sure local guides will know.
      I will keep you updated on your plans, kbc might still be an option for us.


  4. Hey Joao, where have you decided to go? I fly into ktm on the 18th of November and then start the KBC hike on 21st. Permits $70 ( tims, kanchenjunga permit at $20 , and $10/week), transportation to taplejung $20×2= $40 ( bus there and back), 25 days of guide at $25/day= $625 then divide that by two gets us to $315/person, I think $15/day for food and bed or $20 with sodas or beer ( for me I’ll just say $500 to be safe we have to buy our guides transportation and tip so that’s of course up to each of us but I’ll put $60. So more or less $1000 if we split the guide. If not then another $350 for me alone. Anyway if you want to join let me know. Cheers mate, j.c.