Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

I plan a trek to Kanchenjunga North and South Base Camp in October 2018. Can be teahouse-trekking or tent-trekking. As for trekking in Kanchenjunga area you must be at leas 2 trekkers, I am looking for partners for this trek.



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  1. Hey Ernst,

    Me keen to join.Have guide set up already.Perhaps you might consider modifying the route as given below from Yuksom ?

    Nights @
    1/ Sachen
    2/ Tshoka
    3/ Dzongri
    4/ Dzongri
    5/ Thansing
    6/ Lamuney
    7/ Kockchurang
    8/ Tshoka

    Have to come from Bangalore and meet up at Bagdogra, to share cab costs.

    Let me know.

  2. Hi Ernst
    I am interested in a kanchenjunga trek. I arrive in Nepal sept 26 and I need to be back in Katmandhu Oct 23 to meet my partner

    • Hi Charles,

      I’m planning on starting my GHT traverse from Kanchenjunga region sometime in October (flexible with dates but ideally would prefer to start earlier if possible).
      My ideal plan would be to share a climbing guide (carry my own gear) and essentially trek (teahouse & camping) up past Kanchenjunga BC to Jhinsang La (can then have one foot in India and one in Nepal) then take the GHT High route through to Chhukung (Everest area) via the Sherpani Col/Amphu Labsta Pass.
      Not sure if any of that would be of interest to you but there may be parts of the Kanchenjunga trail that overlaps your plan.

      PS: In May I did the Everest Three Passes

  3. Hello Ernst, Gutentag Myne namen ist Gam Bahadur Rai und ich bin trekkung und berg fuhrer aus Nepal
    Ich habe eine gorup ab 20 ste october ins Kanchanjunga gebit von Nepal site unsare trekking bigent von Taplejung so wenn intresse hast bitte melde mich ich surge alles mit trager,imland flug zu fligen bis dort im suketar oder konnen sie faharen aouch muglich Permit kine problem
    tour costed protage meher oder beniger unkefer ca 50 Euro pro tage mit ales bitte sribe mich dankeshune
    mit fruindich grosse
    Gam Bahadur Rai aus Nepal