Hello everybody,

We are 3 guys on our way to Kanchenjunga north and south base camps.
A guide is mandatory on this trek, so we go by the book.
We have already contacted a trekking agency for a guide.
Budget is approximate, depends on the way we get to the area and number of partners.
Looking for more people to join us on this remote and beautiful trek.




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  1. Any chance I could get you guys to look at the trek from Makalu base camp to everest region via sherapani col? 6 days of wild camping and two 6000 meter passes connect the Makalu region with the everest region. Sometimes referred to as tumlingar to lukla via sherapani col. I have one other with me and we’re hoping to start in the next two weeks. Check out my post for more info

  2. היי רונן, יש לך חשבון פייסבוק או משהו בסגנון? אשמח לדבר איתך יותר לעומק.