Hello hi bonjour,

French canadian arriving on the 7th of March in Kathmandu.
I’m looking for something a little more “off the beaten path”.
I like remote areas that have less tourists.
I’ve read about Kanchenjunga trek and it looks great, but a guide is mandatory, and we have to be at least 2 hikers.
So I’m planning on meeting searching for a fun and cool guide on the 8th and 9th.
I read it was cheaper to book the trip directly in Kathmandu (and you get to meet and compare guides, to find a good match).
The trek is around 22 days and we would sleep in tea houses.

If you’re also looking for a less crowded hike
If you are fun and easygoing
Let’s meet up in Kathmandu and go on an adventure!!!!

p.s. I also read about the Makalu hike that seems to also be wilder and less crowded.



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  1. Namaste Simon,
    I also responded on another page but just want to make sure you get my message. The fact that very few people are interested in Kanchenjunga makes me want to do it even more. I have a friend who has done it and he said it’s spectacular.
    So I am looking for a partner to leave in mid-March. I am flexible on dates. This is my fourth time in Nepal and I have already done Langtang, Annapurna, Everest and Dolpo.
    You said the trek is 22 days but my understanding is that it is more like 30 days if one wants to go to both the south and north base camps. Do you have limited time or are you flexible?
    Best, Lou