Kanchejunga spring 2014

Hi everybody,

I’m Paul 26 from the netherlands.. Last year I did the manaslu and for this year I’m doing the kanchenjunga..

It would be nice to do this with somebody to share cost etc..

See you!!!



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  1. Hi Paul,
    Can you provide some more information on your plans? I am looking to do a trek in the region around the same time and go slow but steady as well. I am flexible with the dates – but sometime around mid April would suit me.

  2. hey paul you still going in april? i’m headed back to nepal in a few days. if you’re still looking for someone let me know. i think i’d go do the around dhalguri before you arrive. hope all’s well. the indian himalaya has been great. heidi, what are your plans?

  3. Hi Jc!

    So you are back again.. You are doing a great trip!

    If you would like to join you can if you want! Till now nobody joined me so that’s an option.. Would you like the name of the trekking company so you can visit them?

    I start the 18th of April and I arrive the 13th in ktm..

    See you!



  4. paul, just arrived back in ktm. i’ll be here a couple of days then off to dhal. if i just do the circuit it should take 12-14 days (pokhara-pokhara). i might continue on to abc. (another week). even if i do this i should have a few days in ktm to catch you. depending on flights i have no problem using buses but that would leave me two more days to tumlingtar. anyway, send me your guide via P.M. as msn has locked me out of my account until i can get another one and have them send me some stupid code. let me know. i want to be in kanchenjunga more than any place here. cheers, j.c.