Kamchatka: Klyuchevskaya volcano & Esso native village

I have been to Kamchatka several times, including 1 big expedition in 2013 when we crossed the Bering Strait but that is another story. I also arrange trips with my local contacts and guide myself in certain areas.

A friend called me a few days ago and recommended me to come for an early autumn trip as it is possoble to combine the observation of the continuing eruption of Klyuchevskaya volcano with a visit to the reindeer breeders who are returning from their summer pastures.

To make it financially viable I am looking for people to join me, ideally a group of 6. We need the required permissions and ATV transport as well as more regular things such as a hotel stay at the start and the finsh and visa registration. The cost should be $2150 per person, including an invitation for a visa.

We should arrive to Kamchatka on the 16th of October and on the 17th of October we will leave for our trip, travelling north 600km first by regular transport and finally by ATV to arrive at the basecamp where we can view the eruption. We will spend some days here before continuing to Esso village, the centre of Kamhatka native culture. we make a trip to a reindeer breeders camp.

The exact day by day itinerary will be available soon. needless to say it will be a wonderful experience and a unique opportunity to see nature at work!

Join me! if you are i any way interested write to me or call me.



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