Kamchatka adventure

1.8.16 departure from Moscow.
2.8.16. 12:30. Meeting at Yelizovo (Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy) Airport. Transfer to harbor. Tonight we sail away and Go full sail to the Fjord “Russkaya”. Night on a yacht in the bay. (Or in tents on the coast)
3.8.16. Climbing to a mountain lake. Swimming in the lake (if the weather is ok). Visiting a sea lions colony (Cape Kekurny). Back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the foot of Avacha volcano. (Night in camping)
4.8.16. Hiking to the Mount «Verbljud». Preparation for night-volcano hiking (height – 2741m, start from-1550 m).
Avacha volcano – classic Somma or “double” Volcano. Diameter of the crater about 350 m. The volcano is still active.
5.8.16. 00:00. Climbing. (8 kilometers). At the top – sunrise watching, leisure time, nature observing, photo shooting, etc.
09: 00-12: 00 Back to camp, lunch. Departure by truck to “Lazo” village (about 5 hours). Banja, dinner, rest.
6.8.16. Transfer by jeep to “Klyuchi” village and then towards to the Klyutschevskoy volcano. Night in tents.
07-08.08.16. The two-day trekking to the mounting pass “Vulkanologov”. Night in the house (if free places are available) .Or in the tent.
9:08:16. Descent from the pass to the glacier Bogdanovich.
10:08:16. trekking to the river “Studjonaya”. Canyon of the river is a beautiful natural gallery in the rocks. Night in tents.
11:08:16. trekking to edelweiss field. Then to the mountain Kopyto. Transfer to Lazo village. Banja, dinner, rest.
12:08:16. Transfer to Elizovo and further – to the Guest House “Paratunka”. Bathing in thermal water, rest.
13:08:16 Departure to Mutnovsky volcano. Climbing the volcano Mutnovsky / or Gorelyi (Depends on the weather)
14:08:16 Helicopter tour to the South of Kamchatka (optional, extra cost). If the trip is not possible due to weather conditions, we try to fly next day. Drive to Pacific Ocean beach or staying in the city, or other activities
15. 08. 16. Reserve day / either helicopter tour or other activities (optional, extra costs).
16:08:16. Transfer to the airport, departure to Moscow. ( If you don’t want to stay longer and see something else)



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