Kailas Pilgrimage Trail Outer & Inner Nandi Kora/Parikrama Trekking

Hello everyone, I’m a Chinese female looking for up to 2 hikers to join me on the Kailas Yatra Trekking. The highest pass is 5670m(18,602ft) on the outer trail and the highest pass is 5840m(19,160ft) on the inner trail. It’s a teahouse trekking. We will meet at Lhasa or Darchen. If you are coming from Nyalam, you have to transfer to the bus to Darchen at Shigatse. I am in Lhasa around 6 Oct. and in Darchen around 8 Oct.

My planning:
D1: Darchen(4564m). To adapt to the elevation. May take bus to Lake Manasarovar.
D2: Trek to Nyabhrichung Puk(4820m). To adapt to the elevation. 9km
D3: Trek to Dira puk(5000m). 11km
D4: Trek to tent camp(5000m) or Zuthal Puk(4790m) by Dolma La(5670m) . 14km or 24km
D5: Trek to Darchen or Selung Gompa(5015m). 15km to 25km
D6: Trek to Chungcha Gompa(4970) or Darchen by Nandi pass(5840m) . 19km to 24km
D7: Trek to Darchen. 5km



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  1. Moderator

    Hi Amy. Wish I could join – sounds like a special trip. Would be interested to hear how it all goes,

    • Hi Alex. It is hurry. You have to get Tibet and Ali(Kailas) permit and Chinese visa. Some Tibet or Nepal travel agents will help you. The weather will deteriorate from late of October, cold, wind and heavy snow, until next spring.

    • Hi Amy, Sounds like weather is a big factor. I’ve been wondering about transport getting to Kailash for (western) tourists – I think we have to go by private jeep tour only. I’ve looked into public bus before to save costs but it sounded difficult. Have those rules changed at all, do you know?

    • If so, it’s easy to share a private jeep with other Chinese travelers in Lhasa. It’s acceptable for the government. If possible you may cross the China-Nepal border at Pulan. It’s only 100km from the border to Kailas though there is a long trip in Nepal. Western traveler can get the permit by Nepal travel agent.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I always wanted to do this Kailash route. I am interested to join. I am from India, do they have a shot term permit or something for Indians? Or I need to get the visa? And as per your details, I see that you have mentioned to meet up at Lhasa or Darchen. i would like to join in from the beginning itself if it’s possible. I am not aware of the route from India to Kailash though. Please let me know about these details.

    • Hi ashwini. As I known Indian have to apply to the Indian foreign ministry and pay some money(about 1640 indian rupees) to the Chinese embassy in India to get a permit.

    • From India to Kailas. You may cross the border between China and Nepal at Nyalam, or the border between China and Nepal and India at Pulan.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for the response. So the earliest meeting place to catch up with you would be Pulan or nyalam? and are the dates finalized?

    • Hi ashwini, I wish catch up with you at Darchen on 8 Oct. If it’s very hard to go to Darchen for you, I will pick up you at Pulan or Nyalam on 8 Oct.