K2 Base Camp

I am not sure the weather in December permit me to do the trek but I am dare to give a try. My initial plan is to trekking to the Base Camp but not really advisable by my friend. But I will go as far as I can and will make a U turn to the far I can go. So from the initial plan to do trekking I change it to just mountaineering.

It won’t be too technical and will only need basic skills of trekking and good physical condition. Do expect freezing that may reach up to -20°C. Just be well-equipped and prepared for this adventure. Experience in cold and harsh climate is needed. I’m not too big of a climbing fan and won’t do the climb. I’m also up for any acclimatization before the ascent or other adventures nearby. So anybody dare to give a try your are please to join me.

One of well trained Pakistani army will be joining me for the safety concern. So cheers 🙂



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  1. Please send me the details, we may join the trip.