K2 (8611m) base camp trek (to join the 60th anniversary of K2)


Only the superlatives can define the beauty and grandeur witnessed on this “sublime sanctuary of nature”. Known as the most spectacular trek in the world, the traditional expedition route to K-2 (Chogori) 8611 M – the second highest mountain on Earth, cuts through the greatest concentration of some of the highest peaks in the world. The apex of this incredible trek is CONCORDIA one of the biggest Piedmont glaciers of the world. It is a spectacular junction of Godwin Austin Glacier, Abruzzi Glacier and Baltoro Glacier. It banks, 06 peaks over 25,912 ft (7900 M) within a short radius of 07 miles (11 Km). The walk to Concordia, however, is not a task to be undertaken lightly. It’s a hard trek up and down the gorges, across rushing icy torrents, through broken rocks, over wire-rope bridges and through crevasse glaciers. The incentive for this strenuous walk is undoubtedly equally rewarding

As the other hand is spectacular, taking you right into the heart of Karakorum Mountains at Concordia to K-2 Base Camp then on Vigne Glacier to the foot of Gondogoro Pass. After the crossing there is Khuespang Camp full of flowers then to the Dalzampa,after then a beautiful place for camp with water and meadows on Gondoghoro Glacier to the Satchio and finally to the Hushe Valley.



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