Juta to Omalo trek (or Omalo to Juta)

7-8 days trek in the beautiful Caucasus. Looking for partners. Starting day flexabile a bit.
Tents needed (I got room for 1), and good physical shape.



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  1. I would be up for this, how do you plan to travel there( ie is there an airport nearby ect?)

    • Hi Tim sry for the late reply.
      I will arrive in Tbilis by plane. 1 day for buying maps and food, another for traveling by taxi to Kazbegi area, and maybe one day for quick day trips around kazebegi+altitude adaption. Then head off to Juta (paid ride which is pretty short) and from there on by foot to omalo, with maybe a hitchhike or too along the way.

  2. Ill be in georgia during the 1st half of September. I was initially thinking of doing the Kazbegi ascent and the Mestia – Ushguli trek. Have you considered them? Can you send me more info about the Juta to Omalo trek? Cheers

    • Hi Thomas.
      I considered the kazbegi ascent- but because of guide+equipment price decided against it. Also- have already been to Mestia -Ushguli. Juta to omalo is a 6-8 day trek(depends on nav skills, physical shape and weather + if u hitchhike a bit or not). It has 2 main passes along the route, the bigger one is Atsunta Pass(takes around 7-8 hours to climb).
      En route are several villages which can offer food and sleep, but a tent is a must since you cannot plan ahead how fast you will go and also to allow you to sleep right below to ascent to atsunta pass in order to complete it and descend on the other side before nightfall.

    • Hey Dan, do you have a more comprehensive description of the Juta to Omalo trek (perhaps a pointer to a website)? Regarding the Kazbegi, I found for 400 euros per group (including equipment, not sure about food – if I understood right). I wouldnt be up for it alone, but if we were 4 people, I think Id be ok with the price.