Jupal – Dolpa – Beni

Hey!! I’m looking to split costs Of an adventure and a half if anyone is interested in cutting costs for a shoestring to moderate budget adventure together!

**ME**: I am a solo traveler from Canada who loves the mountains and geo-cultural diversity

**PLAN**: I am hiring a porter guide to hike From Dolpo to Beni and adding Phoksundo and Tarap Do onto the route for a 21ish day hike (could take 24 or 25 days) which will require some camping in a tent and cooking by camp stove along the way.)

**THE PLAN**: fly from POkhara to Nepalganj and fly Nepalganj to Jupal where we will begin the trek through Dolpa to Beni.

**NOTE**: We will need to fly the porterguide there if hired from Pokhara or fly them back if hired from Jupal. Splitting this cost and others along the way would be great as well as the daily cost of the guide which is $20-25 USD per day (x25 \2)

**DATES**: I have to be back in Pokhara by OCTOBER 23 (2019) at the latest for a documentary project so I would be leaving sometime in the last week of September. I am flexible in leaving mid September and returning to Pokhara a week or two before the documentary deadline if it works better.

**CONTACT**: Feel free to whatsapp me in response (977) 9848312496 if you are interested!!




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