Join us for an adventurous 5-day trek


My partner and I are doing an adventurous/unconventional 4 or 5-day trip in ladakh in mid-August, and think it would be fun with a group. Ladakh has some great passes and peaks, fun scree slopes and scrambling, and beautiful camping spots.

It will be suitable for independent hikers, or people who want a cheaper (and less luxurious!) version of a guided adventure trek. Let us know which category you’re in!

You might be interested in joining us if you:
– are interested in a more unusual (and hopefully exploratory) trek
– are fit enough to walk for at least 5 hours a day with a pack
– can be acclimatized by the start of the trek
– have (or can get) your own camping gear. We have pots and stoves for cooking.
– don’t mind getting a little lost
– are up for an adventure!

Don’t worry if you don’t have much independent trekking experience, we have enough to share – just let us know. We won’t be taking a guide. We usually don’t take porters, but are open to the possibility for this trip. Equipment can be rented in leh. We can provide more info about what to expect/what to bring if you’d like more details. And get in touch with as many questions as you can think of!

We’ll post route info around 20th July, once we’ve had a proper look at the topo maps. We promise there’ll be great views!

In the meantime, contact us! We want to know if you’re curious/interested/definitely in. (We’re trekking for the next few weeks, so expect a reply around 15th of July).
We consider this a definite trip, as long as we get at least 2-3 confirmed buddies before 23rd July. (We’re on another trip from then for a few weeks, and don’t want to plan around fixed dates unnecessarily.)

So in short:
15 or 16th – 19th August
From Leh or nearby
Cost: shared food, fuel, possible transport. Equipment hire if you need it.
For: anyone with reasonable fitness and a sense of adventure!

— My partner is Australian and is 25, I’m 22 and from New Zealand. We’re addicted to the outdoors, do a lot of hiking, and eat too many cookies! —

New Zealand


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  1. I am doing the Stok Kangri trek in Leh from 3rd to 11th aug and i am also looking for partners after that. I have a flight back to New Delhi on 20th. I would like to know what you and ur partner have planned for your adventure. I have done a few treks before this and hopefully by the time we meet would have climbed my first 6000m peak. Let me know what you have in plan and if i can join you. I am a very easy going person and wouldn’t mind getting lost (actually it would be fun if we did get lost) I dont have mountaineering experience, though i have used crampons and ice axes but have never done rock climbing or climbed Alpine style ..

  2. Dear Nicole, your plans sound great. Are you and your partner still interested in some easy going & hopefully endureable company? I am planing to travel to Leh on the 15th or 16th and was interested to make my way to Chumathang, but I am pretty much open for other things as well… I originally come from Austria, I lived for a year in Wellington and at the moment I am working in Delhi for 3 months…
    I’d be happy to call you up or write an email, since writing from a mobile is not much fun 🙂