Join our Annapurna Circuit group! Oct. 30

Hi everyone!

We (Elena, Roser and Joe) are 3 solo trekkers who have got together to start a small informal group. We will leave Pokhara to begin the Annapurna Circuit on 30th October.

We have decided to meet in Pokhara the day before our trek to say hi, so that we all have some familiar and friendly faces on the trail when we begin the next day. 🙂

If you are beginning the AC on 30th October or soon after, and you are in Pokhara on 29th October, feel free to join our little friendly group, or simply to come along and say hi.

Location: Busy Bee Cafe, Pokhara
Date: 29th October 2013
Time: 19.00

Safe and happy trails everyone.




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  1. This sounds brilliant Joe,
    Will hopefully see you there!

  2. Hi Joe,

    that sounds like a brilliant plan! I’m planning to trek the Annapurna Circuit according to the NATT trails (you might already know them, or check for details). I’m currently in India with very poor options to go online, but I’ll expect to reach Pokhara on October 29th, or the day after. My plan is to start my trek one or two days after getting there. It would be so cool to meet up with you guys. I’ll see if I can make it to the Busy Bees Cafe on the 29th, in case that doesn’t work out, we might be able to meet on some other occasion. If you are interested, please drop me a line to . Safe travels!

  3. Hi Claire and Mike!

    Would be great to see you both there. Hope you can make it. Mike, it sounds like you will be cutting it fine, but we believe in you. 😉 If we don’t start the trek together, theres always a chance we’ll see you on the trail.


  4. Hi

    I am starting Annapurna Circuit on 31.10.2013 is it any chance that You would wait one day for me? 31.10. is the first day I am able to reach Pokhar?

  5. Hi Adam,

    We’re a fairly fragile little gang at the moment (none of us have ever met before, and we’re united only by the date we start our trek). We are also a little unweildy due to all currently being in various states of flux somewhere the world. Therefore, I don’t know the ramifications of changing the date on people, and I don’t want to answer for everyone and risk upsetting someone elses plans now. For those reasons, sorry mate, but I think we’ll probably need to stick to the 30th.

    Don’t hate us! Would it be possible for you to catch up with us? I’m going to try to organise a local SIM when I get to Nepal, so take my email and hopefully i’ll be able to access it on the trail and let you know which village we may stop on the evening of the 31st.

    joebeatty at

    Hope to see you on the trail mate. If so, I’ll buy you a coffee and apologise in person for not changing the date for you.


  6. Hello!!

    Glad I found this thread. I just arrived in KTM on Oct 22. I am a catalan guy, early 40s, with some experience in 6000 peaks in Peru, and it’s my first time in the Himalayas. I’d like to do this trek for acclimatization purposes to try a peak later on, and to find great places and people. I am OK with porters if necessary, but I’d like not to have a guide.

    I am ok for a start end of october!

    — This msg is copy-pasted from another thread you started before —


  7. Hi Joan,

    Great, hope to see you in Pokhara on the 29th.


  8. Hi trekkers,

    We’re meeting at Busy Bee Cafe on the 29th in Pokhara, as per the opening post. Planning to start a trek the next day. There are no leaders, no rules, and as yet, no plans! Everyone can make their own.

    Its totally informal, and totally open to all. Feel free to come along and say hi.


  9. Hi all! I like this last post of joe, “no leaders, no rules and no plan”!

    So here some ideas from my part. I am mostly uninformed yet, so please read with indulgence 🙂

    I’ve heard there is a road being built, or already built, that covers some parts of the trek. I tihnk it’s on the last days of the trek, though I am not sure. This has several implications:

    1. New trek paths have been established to avoid this route, at least in some parts (according to lonely planet).
    2. It is possible to cut the trek by as much as 5 days, if wanted, by taking some sort of transport, I think on the way back (according to a nepali I met at the plane on my flight to KTM which had done this trek before).

    In my case, one I reach the 5400m high pass, my plans for acclimatization will be mostly accomplished. I would like to try a peak later, somewhere in the 6400m. So if I feel I need to cut the AC trek by a few days I would take option 2 above.

    Of course if some of you want to joint for a climbing experience (not very technical, but some ice-axe work, roping and crampons indispensable) is free to cnotact me and start making a plan.

    I am still considering possibilities so I cannot say yet that I am in for this trek, but it actually fits very good with my plans and desires.

    thank you!


  10. Hey everyone’ you Guys sound great! And good trekking plans (incl cutting the road bit short) . i’l try to make it on the 29th. Best, suzan

  11. Hey Joan,
    indeed there are trails that avoid the new roads- if you want to read further into this I’d highly recommend this e- book, you can download it free of charge and it’s a valuable resource:

    Looking forward to meeting the members of this ‘grassroots democracy’ trekking group 🙂 take care!