Jiri to Three Passes

The plan: starting on 10/8 or a within a week after, take 5-6 days to hike from Jiri to Lukla, then 16-21 days for the Three Passes, returning to Kathmandu by plane from Lukla, or via a hike back to Jiri. While this would be an independent trek, I am not opposed to hiring a guide for aid over the passes, if needed in bad weather, etcetera.

Me: Other than the ability to walk with a 15kg backpack on, I don’t have any additional skills of use (outdoor/survival); i.e., you’d be hiking with an amateur. My preference is to take my time. This may be a once in a lifetime walk, after all. Flexible, but prefer to eat a lot and have my own room. I suppose this is very American of me. On the other hand, I’m easy-going and quiet, defying the stereotype of an American abroad.



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