Jiri to Gokyo

Hey ya’ll!

My friend and I are looking to see if anyone is going to be on the trail the same time as us. Not necessarily looking for day to day partners, just sending some feelers out there to fellow trekkers.

Current itinerary, nothing fully set in stone.

Oct 7 – Bus to Jiri (I know things may be crazy getting out of KTM because of Dashain but hopefully it’ll work out)
Oct 8- Jiri to Shevalaya (Super short hike but we’re hoping to acclimatize a bit. Not totally set on this either…might push further if we’re feeling spontaneous)
Oct 9 – Shivalaya to Sete
October 10 – Sete to Junbesi
October 11 – Junbesi to Jubing
October 12 – Jubing to Lukla
October 13 – Lukla to Namche
October 14 – Rest day in Namche
October 15- Namche to Dole
October 16 – Dole to Machermo
October 17 – Machermo to Gokyo
October 18 – Gokyo to Gokyo Ri and back
October 19 – Gokyo to Renjola
October 20 – Renjola to Thame
October 21 – Thame to Lukla
October 22 – Fly back to KTM



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