Jiri to Everest Base Camp

Hi All!

Headed to Nepal for the months of Oct & November for teahouse trekking (no guides/no porters). Looking for 1 or 2 trekking partners to hike from Jiri to Everest Base Camp with a side day hike to Ama Dablam Base Camp from Pangboche, and heading back to Lukla via Cho La & Renjo La Passes/Gokyo Lakes.

I’m a photographer and focus a lot on photography when I hike, so I generally take a slower pace and like to chase the light for the golden/blue hours of early morning and evening. My backpacking experience to date has been mostly within the Eastern Sierras in California for trip lengths of 4-5 days backcountry camping. Looking for someone like-minded to share this trip with because safety in numbers! 🙂

Expecting trek to take approx. 26-28 days. Will take micro or express bus into Jiri and fly back to Kathmandu. Start date is somewhat flexible, but looking to make sure I have time for a second trek in a different region within this 2-month period.

All the best & happy hiking!



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  1. Hey Amanda,

    I’m really interested in your trek idea. I’m 22yo, female from Australia.

    My trekking experience to date is: 4 days camping/hiking mountains in the Greath Southern (WA), 3 weeks in Bhutan, Himalayas, and 4 days hiking in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

    I’ll be travelling to Nepal alone, and would love a trekking partner.

    Would you be able to send me your email so we can chat further?

    Cheers, Jasmine

    • Hey Jasmine,

      Just messaged you with my email/FB contact info 🙂


  2. hello i m alex
    i do the same intyneray from jiri (or phaplu) till ama dablam base camp and i go back from same route and take mera peak side to climb it.start 1 week of october or bus to jiri or jeep to phaplu.i m looking for a partners to share this adventure..

    • Hi Alex,

      Feel free to DM me to chat further. I can give you my email/FB contact as I think that may be easier to communicate with.


    • ok give me a contact i send u my intynerary and we can have a good and immedyatly comunication!

  3. Hi Amanda, I’m Elena, I would like to join you in your trekking itinerary. My experience is trekking and camping around Alaska & Yukon for research motives in intervals, during 4 months.
    I’ll travel to Nepal, Kathmandu for a medical internship and I would love to make this trek once there. Could we chat further?
    Thank you

    • Hi Elena! Just sent you a DM.


  4. Hi Amanda, I am Tapesh Khanna this side of the spectrum. I just posted a similar trek for Dec 2nd. And then started searching for partners and found your trek.
    Like you, I like to take Photos and will also be making a Vlog of the entire trek and posting it on my YouTube channel.
    If it is ok with you, I would like to join you for the entire trek starting Kathmandu.

  5. Hi Amanda

    I had planned for similar trip last year, but my flight got changed by the airline, and i had to call it off.

    Am in the midst of planning the same trip for this year. But, probably end of Sept to mid Oct or maybe end of Nov to Dec. Trying to avoid the crowd.

    I would love to hear more about your plans.

    P/s i have been to Nepal previously

  6. Hi I am also in the planning for EBC and Gokyo Lakes. I have previously done Kilimanjaro, GR11 self supporting, Gosainkund and Langtang and lower altitude walks. I am keen to hear from you ?

    • Hi Dianne,

      Thank you for the message! Unfortunately due to a new job offer, I’m going to have to postpone my trip until next fall instead.

      Should you wish to remain in touch and consider this trek for Fall 2020 starting mid/late October (likely between 18th – 20th) feel free to contact me via email.


      All the best,

  7. Hey Amanda,

    Looking at doing a similar trip although I was going to fly to Lukla and hike from there but I’ve heard the hike from Jiri is extraordinary. If you’re still looking for people to go with, let me know!


  8. Hi Amanda,
    I am planning to do the same trek around late sept and would like to take it slow as well but have max 20days for this as I have to get back. Experience wise, I have done an 7 day frozen river trek in Ladakh India and have done multi day trekking in NZ as well plus I am an avid trail runner.
    Looking for trekking partners for my trip in Nepal. Feel free to contact me via email romilagrawal1981@gmail.com


  9. Hi Amanda,
    I am planning to do the same trek around Oct. Instead of 27 days, I am planning to do it max 21 days and need to go back. I have done the Annapurna Circuit in 2014 and a bit of trekking in NZ. Do you mind to share with the itinerary?


  10. Hi Amanda,
    I did Three passes Gokyo with EBC solo in 2018. I was thinking of doing it again with friends and I have a plan for late October 2020. we can connect with eachother here in Nepal if you love to.