Jiri to EBC

Hi I’m a 21 year old student from England and it’s my first time doing The Everest Base Camp. I’m doing it in Mid- November and plan to take a bus to Jiri and trek to EBC, then fly back down to Kathmandu from Lukla. Aiming for a total of about 21 days for the trip but I’m flexible. I’ll be travelling on a budget so I’m avoiding guides. It would be nice to have someone to trek with for safety’s sake and for company.



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  1. Hey Siddhant, me & my Husband are also planning for EBC in September 2nd or 3 week, if our plans gets finalized then we may hike together, We are from Bangalore- India

  2. Hey Siddhant,

    I am also looking to travel from Jiri to EBC and around the same time as you! I hear the trek is amazing from Jiri and I would also like some trekking partners. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 14th or 15th and was also going to be a pretty long trek. I just graduated from university and I am traveling as well.

    Drop me a message if you want to try to plan something out.

    Jay (M 23 USA)

    • Hey Jay, That sounded Ideal. Unfortunately, I had to change my plans and I’m now heading to EBC in mid november :/ Sorry about that buddy. Hope your trek goes well anyway!

  3. Hey Siddhant, We are two independent trekkers from different parts of India going to EBC and Three passes in November. Most probably we start from our respective places on Nov 21st and reach Salleri in Nepal by 24th to start our trek. We too independent budget travelers with a budget of $500-$600 for our 25 to 30 days trek. if you are traveling arnd that time, get in touch. You may see my post on this site.

  4. Hey Siddhant,

    I also looking for a trekking partner and want to go there also for about 21 days in november. My idea is it to fly to Lukla and then trek the Everest Base Camp and also to the Kala Patar. But I haven’t detail plans at the moment and I’m very flexible.

    Get in touch with me if you want to talk about this in detail :).


    • Hi Stefan,

      If you are flexible then feel free to join me on the trek from Jiri! Apparently it’s a lot more untouched and you get to see the village lifestyle in a much less touristy way. So my schedule at the moment is leaving Kathmandu on the 16th via bus to Jiri. The trek from Jiri to Lukla height (not actually walking to Lukla as it’s out of the way) is 8 days or so. Then I’m flying down from Lukla on the way down approximately 22 days later. This also means when you hit higher levels you’ll have acclimatized better.

      I’ll be doing this without a guide or porter (which I know sounds a bit crazy at first but I’ve researched it and feel it would be a more exciting challenge). So feel free to join me and if you have the time might as well do it as people did originally! Let me Know how you feel and if your interested I’ll email my itinerary and we can go from there!


    • I should clarify the trek is 22 days in total at the moment. But obviously I’m going to take it as fast or slow as I need to! I’ve left 8 spare days after in Kathmandu where I can see sights and relax once I finish the trek and if I feel the trek takes longer or flights from Lukla take extra days then I won’t be worried about missing my outbound flight back home.

  5. Hey Siddhant,

    I will wrote you a personal message and we can talk about some details.


  6. Hello Siddhant
    I like to join you on your trip to ECB from Jiri. I arrive in kathmandu on 12/11. Leaving12/12 so plenty of time. Lets do it. I live in the Dutch mountains but have some experience as Kilimanjaro a few ago.