Jiri to EBC and three passes

I am planning to trek from Jiri to EBC and maybe tackle the three passes. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on 25th October and planning to get paperwork sorted on 26th then look at departing to Jiri.
Looking at doing this without a guide if permitted and I wouldn’t mind sharing the journey with other trekkers.



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  1. Hi Lonel,
    Are your date fixed??
    I planed to trek EBC on 03.11.2018 journey started from Kathmandu.
    My journey date are almost fixed.
    If my plan match with yours, it would be great.

  2. Hi Jahirul,
    My dates are not that strict but looking at your start date I would say it might be too much of a wait… I arrive in KTM on 25th evening and maybe spend a couple of days getting the paperwork sorted, touristy stuff and meet the other potential trekkers before heading out.
    I guess, if you got the flight to Lukla and pick up the trail to EBC we’d meet up on the way (planning to trek from Jiri or maybe a bit higher up which mean a few days extra.
    If it works for you great, we’ll keep in touch and maybe arrange to meet up.


    • Hi Lonel,
      I arrived in Kathmandu on 2nd November & nest day (3rd November) pick a flight to Lukla & started my journey to EBC.

      And if I got time, my plan also to trek three passes.
      We will keep in touch for matching our schedule.

      Happy Trekking,

  3. Hey Lonel! how are your plans going? just found this page and I am also flying in to Katmandu on the 25th and really want to do the 3 passes trail! I have done some trekking before, (maximum 7 days) and my highest autitude is around 3000 meters, altho this will be my longest trek so far and would be good with some company!

  4. Hi Adrian,
    No worries, do you have a starting point in mind? I am planning to start in Jiri and aim to get to Lukla in 4-5 days (where meeting up with a friend and continue the trek).
    Same as you, I arrive on 25th. I’m allocating 26th for sorting out paperwork and logistics then start the trek on 27th morning (get on the bus to Jiri).
    Would this work for you?

  5. Ho again Lony! Since I’m flying from Sri Lanka and not Sweden, my backpack is atm filled with stuff I really don’t need. Therefore I will probably need 2-3 days to get gear and sort out paperwork. However, I do plan to catch a flight ro Lukla instead of taking the bus to Jiri so in the end we might get there at the same time anyway. Let’s keep in touch!

  6. Cool! Sounds good! Hopefully see you In Lukla (meeting a freind there, she’s flying to Lukla on 31st Oct to join us).
    If you have WhatsApp my number is +447917430657