jiri -> namache bazaar -> three passes -> lukla

I’m flying into KTM on the 15th and plan to bus to Jiri on the 17th to start my trek. No concrete plans on where I’ll stop or how long at any location. But the plan is to fly back to KTM on the 23rd of March. It would be great to meet some people that want to do this trek at our leisure without a guide. Hit me up!




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  1. Hi, the timing sounds good. I’ll arrive a couple days before you do, and I can get a few things packed up by the 17th.

  2. Hey Peter,

    This suits my ideas too. I’m already In Nepal volunteering but will done and back in Kathmandu by the 16th.

    I’ve been chatting with Alex (see replies) also who is on board with this too. How are your plans coming along?

  3. Hi Peter (and others) Planning on starting the same day at Jiri. Planning on similar thing. Will be in KTM tonight. Keen to have some folk to wander with.