Jiri-Lukla, Three Passes Trek (+EBC)

Hello fellow trekkers,
I am planning to do the Jiri Lukla trek, followed by the three passes trek (with a side trip to EBC) I will start from KTM at around the 11th. I am flexible, but not too much since I am keen to start 🙂 My plan is to complete the full circle (means also going back via Jiri) within 4 weeks (+- a few days of course)
I will travel solo, no guide,no porter, planning to stay in teahouses (no camping, I don’t wanna drag my tent with me this time :D) I haven’t been in the region yet and I’m superexcited to do this trek!! A few days ago I came back from a three week trek in the Langtang region, so my fitness level should be sufficient enough for the challenge. I am also partly acclimatized but I am not in a rush (visa is valid until the end of the year) and I am well aware that rest (and acclimatizing) days are needed. I am no hardcore trekker and spontainity is not a problem for me, if it comes to the desire for side trips.
I am from Germany, have a calm personality, respect other people personal limits, like to have a good chat but I am also able to be happy with myself (means: company doesn’t need to be round the clock).
I would be happy to meet likeminded persons 🙂



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  1. im starting from Kathmandu from 17th. with the same plan in mind. if u cool let’s discuss!

    • thats a bit late for me…

  2. Hey
    Exactly same itineary planed. Arrived today in Kathmandu. I‘m taking the bus to Jiri on the 13. November. Text me on whatsapp if you wanna trek together and i can share a few more details about me :-).