Jiri – Everest Base Camp

Hi. I arrive in Nepal next week and I hope to do this trek – with or without Gokyo – I’m not sure yet. Is anyone looking for a partner? I’d like to set off very early in march or maybe even late February. I haven’t arranged a guide but would like to do so in one of the villages on the way and share the cost.



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  1. Im actually planning to do the same trek, hopefully with Gokyo. Im in Kathmandu now and was planning on going somewhere after the weekend. Take a bus to Jiri and from there to EBC. I think Gokyo on the way up would be best since it would give us extra time to acclimatize to the height, but on the way down is fine too. I could hang out a bit longer in Kathmandu if we can go together. I think getting a guide is a good choice. I wanted to do it solo, but for the sake of my mom’s peace of mind I want to get a guide or porter too. Sharing the cost would be great. Let me know what your plans are so we could link up.


    • Hey Bart. I’m in Kolkata at the moment and about to head to Varanasi. After I few days there I will commence the land journey to Nepal – maybe taking in Chitwan England route to Kathmandu. You might have to wait too long?

  2. Hey Michael, thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like you’re still at least a week away. I was planning to go a few days earlier, but I have a 3 month visa and no where really to be, so if this is a good fit I’m willing to wait it out. I got a few other people I’m talking to but we both have the exact same trip in mind it seems. I’ll let you know if I choose another group, or else keep me posted on your whereabouts so we can link up and make some plans.


    • No probs. Always a chance I’ll get there earlier too. Keep me posted if you find a group happy to take on one more!

    • Hello there Bart. We have the same schedule for the EBC trek. My trek will commence on Feb 28 at Jiri and will pass through Gokyo heading to EBC. Hope to catch you up in Thamel. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 25th Feb and will fly back from Lukla to Kathmandu on the 22.

      Add me in FB if you got the time. Toto Ice

  3. Hey Michael, just sent you an email…

    • Not sure what you sent it to. You can message me on here…

    • You can check the inbox

    • Have you found any partner
      Untill noe i havent decide whether ebc from jiri or the trek arround annapurna.
      I have no experience about ebc, until now stil work up about my plan
      I prefer to do it without guide, because i read in a plenty website that its doable to do it by ourself

  4. Hello there. I m going to Everest Base Camp taking the classic route. Will commence my trek at Jiri-Gokyo-EBC in Feb 25-Mar 24. Anyone might want to join me. No guide, no porter, self-guided only.


    • I’ll be in Kathmandu in next few days happy to grab a coffee and see if our plans match

  5. Hi Michael, How are you doing?

    I am Rico and like you we will do the Everest Base Camp trek, but a little bit later.

    At the same time we would to ask you some questions and it would be great if you could answer them before and/or after your trek to the EBC.

    I wish you all the best for your trip to Nepal,

    1. Is it possible to hire a porter in Lukla?
    2. How high is the fee for porter for a day?
    3. Does this fee also include the accommodation, food and insurance of the porter?
    4. How many kilograms can a porter carry (max. 15 or 20 or xx)?
    5. How much are meals and water (boiled or bottled) close to the Everest base camp?
    6. Do you need crampon or climbing iron on the trek?
    7. How can you book accommodation along the trek before the trek or while being on the trek?

  6. Hi Michael, I’m going to hang out in Kathmandu until after the Shiva festival and leave for Jiri on February 27th. Most groups I’m talking too are leaving later in march and I don’t think i’ll wait for them. Most likely there will be trekkers on the trail, especially when you pass Lukla.

    Best regards,


    • Hey Bart. I’m catching the night bus from Varanasi to Kathmandu tonight. Happy to grab a coffee one day and see if our plans match up. I’m open to self guided btw. I’ve read plenty about how a guide isn’t really necessary and how you can always pick up guide/porter further up if necessary.

  7. Hey Michael, safe trip and drop me a line when you’re settled in. Im on the edge of Thamel, but Kathmandu isn’t that big so we should have no problems meeting up. I don’t think we’ll need a guide either. The only part I’m a little anxious about is if we go through Gokyo and than Cho La pass in particular. Maybe we can find some people to link up with in Namche. I still have to get the TIMS and busticket etc.

  8. Hello everyone.

    I am already here in Thamel. If you happen to know anyone who can possibly join me on Feb 27 – March 22 for Jiri-Gokyo-EBC trek please let me know.