Jiri – EBC

Hello everyone,

Irish couple, both 29, looking to leave KTM on Friday (Can also go Thurs) to go to Jiri.
Anyone in Kathmandu with a similar itinerary interested in sharing a jeep to Jiri???

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Hi Guys, I am arriving from melbourne to Kathmandu this thursday in the afternoon and looking to depart next day, Friday to Jiri, so happy to share a jeep with u guys

  2. Hey,

    Thats cool, just got a quote today for a private car. NPR10,000.
    Car takes: 4-5 Hours
    Public bus is: NPR700-1000 and takes 7-9 hours. (Rough estimate, you never can tell!)

    If we could find one more person, private car would be an option. Looking to keep costs down.

    Let us know either way as we are in Kathmandu.

  3. Hi I am interested in ebc trek I just finished ananpura sanctuary and ananpura base camp. How many days are you planning?

  4. Hi Brian, I am already in Kathmandu, thanks for the information. I met two more people where Im staying that would join us to take the car, but would fit us the 5 of us? and we’d prefer to leave the 17th, still need to get some stuff ready tmrw, well let me know! would be very nice! best of luck!

  5. Hey, we left on the 16th. Only got network today, were in Bhandar now! Did ye make it to Jiri today? Well probably meet you along the way or during the acclimatisation days! Safe trekking and see you soon.