Hello there nature lovers.

I am landing in ktm feb 5th and i am planning to trek from Jiri the 6th or 7th.

That route, its actually the original one, its less crowed, helps you to acclimate to altitude, you get to know real nepal villages, culture and people on the way, its cheaper than the flight to lukla, its 6-7 days longer tho. I gotta be in ktm on feb 27th the latest, so most likely i will take the flight back from Lukla. Although i am flexible, it depends on the people i am trekking with.

I am adventurous , resourceful and reliable spanish 33 years old guy.

I have done other trips in the past, for example last year I cycle with my MTB from croatia to turket, crossing 6 countries, just me, my bicycle and my tent.

Nowadays I live in a camper van in the forest in a small spanish island, enjoying the nature.

I am looking for ‘do it urself’ adventure, I have a low budget, I dont want to do the trek with a tour operator company but on the other hand a partner to trek with in those conditions is very helpful, I want to know culture, local people, local villages and get to know himalayas.

Looking forward hear from you.


ps: banuelossalinas@gmail.com



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