The first week of July (dates are a bit flexible, since I didn’t book a return ticket yet) I’ll be in Japan and I’d love to do some hiking (multi-day trip) and if anyone is interested a bit of rock climbing/mountaineering as well (in that case probably with a guide).

I’m looking for hiking buddies and I’m still quite flexible in terms of plans. I just want to go to a place that has beautiful nature, and is not overly crowded. So far I’ve been looking at Daisetsuzan National Park and Kamikoche, but I’m open to other places as well.

I don’t mind a strenuous hike. I have quite a lot of hiking experience (climbed Lobuche East peak in Nepal, Everest base Camp trek, crossed Hardangervidda in Norway, Kilimanjaro, many treks in New Zealand, etc)

I love hiking, beautiful nature and good company, so please contact me if you’re looking for a hiking buddy!



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  1. Hi Claire – any chance you’d like to trek in Hong Kong (yes there is trekking there!) or Korea? I was in Japan earlier this year (although I didn’t trek).

    Anyways, I would love to get one last outdoor adventure done before heading back to North America. Drop me a message if you think you might like to trek with me and want to talk about a plan. 🙂