Island Peak on New Year’s Day?

Hello! I’m planning a trek to EBC and then on to try and climb Island Peak on Jan 1st, happy (terrified!) to go alone but a friendly companion is always welcome!

Otherwise if anyone is in the region, or Kathmandu before or after, and just wants a fellow English speaker to meet up with, let know!

Gonna try and raise some money through my job for the Plan charity doing this, plus try and find the guts to shave off the now footlong ‘tache along the way.

Ps. If you own a moustache, you will NOT be expected to shave it off also.



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  1. First 3 weeks of dec without guide. Let me know if interested.

    • Cheers for the reply, I’ll let know if my plans change. At the moment it’s looking like I won’t be able to get away until after Christmas though (goddam work commitments etc!)
      Hope your plans are going well!

  2. Hey Martin,

    Aaron here from Singapore. I’ll be heading to Nepal and against most of my friends advice, am thinking of doing the Everest Base Camp Trek in winter.

    I’ll be there until the 9th of Jan to catch my flight back home. About 14 days.

    It’d be my first time going to Nepal and I’ll be traveling alone so it would be nice to meet some other travellers and get a team going for the trek.

    Let me know what your plans are and i’ll let you know mine.