Island Peak, Lobuche East Peak, EBC


are you interested in hiking/climbing those peaks in this season?
It will be my 2nd time in Nepal and I’d like to reach some peak(s) so I’m looking for a partner or a group to join with and share permit/guide.

Or do you have any recent experience or advice about those peaks/permits/guides/…??


UPDATED 29/9/2016:
I’ll arrive to KTM 6/10 morning. Then I’ll find the guide/group/agency in Thamel for reasonable price that day or day after. Next day morning I’ll go to Jiri by bus and then walk some days to Gokyo lakes. From there I will go through Cho La pass to Zonglha, where I’ll meet with the group. Then 2-3 days enjoying Lobuche peak and after, according to date/timing, directly to Chukhung (for Island peak) or with a stop in EBC. After Island peak down to Lukla and flight back to KTM.

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  1. Hey mate, how u going?

    At the minute I’m in Nepal already, planning to go to EBC from Rawling
    That’s gonna take me at least a month from now until I can get back to civilization and plan. But I would be very keen about that Island Peak. When do you get to Nepal?

    • Hi Alberto,

      I’ll buy my flight tickets for the dates according to the timing of the trek. This timing depends also on people/group I will find to join. For now I expect to come to Kathmandu between 7-15 of October.

      Where on your way would you like to join?

      My idea is to hire a guide only for the Island peak climbing (let’s say for 2-3 days) and meet with him / join another group in the IP base camp.


  2. If everything goes under plan I should start my trek in one or two weeks. I want to reach EBC from a place called Chhetchhet, that should take me a month or five weeks. And then I could head down to Kathmandu, pick my gear that I left in a hostel, and head back to Island again. That will ruin my acclim, but I left everything in Kathmandu ’cause no way I was gonna hike for month and a half with crampons and all that stuff with me.

  3. OK .. this means that you can be in EBC around 20/10, right?
    If needed, I could take some stuff from Kathmandu, so you wouldn’t need to get back. And btw .. don’t worry, few days doesn’t ruin you acclim – this resist for weeks;)

    I think important is to find a guide and ensure permits in advance. Where are you recently in Nepal?