Island Peak and everst base camp

hey guys how are you ?
i am land in katmandu on the 19th of april and going to stay untill 12-13th of may.
my plan is to do the island peak and base camp as well.
i am looking for guide and partners for the trek.
i plan to do it in slow pace, stop for aclimization and everything, i dont want to get hightilness.
if we see some intersting day trip or something else i am open minded so we can go.
most importent- i am open to other option and ideas – so feel free to ask or suggest
mu budget is around 1000-1200$ for that trip.
if its sounds good to someone i would like to know.
if you are guide and the budget sounds good to you- talk to me.
i am thinking to, just to arrive to katmandu and look for partners and guide for that trek.
thank you guys.



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  1. Hi Liron

    I’m in Kathmandu , just gotten back from Manaslu circuit . Thinking about goyko lakes / base camp and keen to share the cost / experience

    Maybe chat soon

  2. hey kate- i have writing you pm- check your inbox

  3. Hello Liron , im flying to lukla this morning. I am in the same route with you and would love to join in