Everest Three Passes and Lobuche East

I am planning an combination go the Everest Three Passes trek with an ascent of Lobuche East, one of the more challenging trekking peaks in Nepal. I will getting a guide for the Lobuche East ascent. I am currently looking at a 6 day course with Equator Expeditions, for which the cost is $850. I am still undecided on whether to get a guide for the trek.and then going it alone for the rest of the trek. In terms of dates, I am very flexible so could begin at any time from late September trough October. The whole trip should take around four weeks as i would like to attach side trips. I am also trying to keep the cost as low as possible for the trekking section.

I am looking for a partner to join me for the whole trip, or even just the first half of the trek.




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  1. hello Nick,

    Im looking for a partner for same plan.. but can we start from kathmandy in october ?!

  2. Hello Nick

    I am looking for a partner for the 3 Passes/EBC trek. I am not sure how the Lobuche East ascent will go along with the 3 passes trek..Do you mind sharing your itenerary?


    • I am currently planning to walk to lukla from Jiri/shivalaya, leaving Kathmandu on roughly the 28th September, then leaving Lukla on the 6th October. From here I would walk clockwise around the three passes, aiming to reach Everest base camp on the 18th October then going off to Lobuche East from there, but I would love a partner for some of this.


  3. Hi Nick,
    I’m looking on doing the Three Passes as well with few side trip. The Lobuche East would be off my league 🙂
    But I’m planning on hiking from Jiri to Lukla. I could start from around the 1st of october as I’m volunteering till the 27th of September. We could still do this section (probably till Everest Base Camp) together if starting dates suits.
    I just want to take it easy as It would be my first trek in high altitude. Otherwise, I’m usually fit and have done lot of hiking lately.


  4. Anyone interested in something a little more adventurous should consider sherapani col trek linking the three passes trek with Makalu base camp trek by way of a couple 6000 m passes. I’m currently in Kathmandu with my gf arranging the specifics. Check out my post for more details