Indigenous Peoples Trail

Hi guys!!!

I’m Mollie from Montréal, Canada, and I am thrilled to visit Nepal during the month of April.

I want to do a fairly easy trek of about 7-10 days. I am somewhat fit and train 4 times a week (though I have been traveling for 3 months so my cardio isn’t as good…), but this will be my first long trek so I want to take my time as I have no clue of how difficult I’ll find this! I am open regarding the circuit and the duration, but I want to visit least developed communities in order to encourage sustainability and responsible travel. I am still deciding if I want to do that with a guide or not, depending on what my partner(s) will prefer. The Indigenous peoples trail is one of the off the beaten Trekking trails and is in the most cultural diverse area of Nepal, relatively close to Kathmandu. I think it’s a great option to see nice views and learn more about the Nepalese culture. I also think it’s a good option for beginners, as there should be between 4-6 hours of walking per day.

I am looking for a/some travel buddy/buddies. I’m laid-back and easygoing, but when I travel, I like to have an early start to explore. Please don’t hesitate to say hi 🙂
Looking forward to meeting you!!!


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  1. Hey! Sent you a PM!

  2. I am going April 6-16, please private message me asap 🙂