Indigenous People Trail – want something different?

Hi, My name is Jen and I am a 23 year old Psychology graduate looking for some adventure and wanting to see the real Nepal. I have heard about the Indigenous People Trail as being something spectacular with great views and being completely remote, away from hoards of tourists. I know there are tea houses/homestays along the way but most aren’t up to Western standards and it would mean roughing it as hot water, sweets, milk etc are not on offer. I personally think this adds to the wondefulness of the trail but I understand this isn’t for everyone. Please see the link below for some inspiration… I am looking for laid back people who want to join me on this trail and enjoy themselves 🙂 so if you think this matches what you are looking for, please contact me. I am also wanting to have a porter with us as I won’t be able to carry my stuff. Namaste



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  1. Hi Jen, your plan sounds like real good. like a real adventure. I’ve also checked the blog you’ve shared, its really nice. Have you decided any specific place to explore?

  2. This looks good, i will be heading to Everest area in may and this trek will be a nice way to melt into the local culture. i totally love the fact that this trail is off the beaten trail in nepal. I have similar interests while traveling. But i guess to see everest i just have to find a way to loose the crowd. Ha. Anyway, Do share your arrival in nepal, i live in india and will enter nepal using the road network till kathmandu.

    Will be in nepal for 2-3 months, my arrival date is flexible as well for now.

  3. Hi Jen,
    You should visit mid western and far western part of Nepal, which is less touristy and also find indigenous people trails, where you can find a real Nepal, there are places called Daheldhura, Doti, Khaptad etc for trekking those are less touched by tourism flow. The one which is recognized as indigenous people trails is at Ramechap(roughly 125/150 kms from Kathmendu) You can also visit the below site for the glimpse of far west nepal .
    Happy Travels..


  4. Hi Jen – we may be interested to join you, and also have some flexibility with dates. Thanks for posting this interesting trip! We are available between Apr 14-27 to do a 7 day trek.

    Meera (and Sara)

  5. Hi Jen, your trip sounds very interesting. I land in Kathmandu on April 19th and I have no speciic plans this time. I’m just looking for a 10-day trek to get a feel for the country. I plan to return later for a longer trip. I like your concept of getting off the beaten path and meeting people more than seeing scenery. I would certainly be intersted in joining you. I’m a good photographer, travel lightly with little expectation. I go with the flow.

  6. Hi Jen,
    This trip sounds great – I am interested and pretty flexible with dates, I have spent a fair bit of time in Nepal and rural Nepal so I am quite fine with non Western standards. Let me know if you get some fixed dates/plans I am pretty flexible.

  7. Hi Jen ! Just look at your emails, I didn’t know I could write here haha

  8. This sounds great! Will you be flying to Lukla? (I’m just thinking about the budget…!)

  9. I’m in Kathmandu right now with 2 weeks to fill in. If anyone is keen to start the IP trail in the next few days ( April 4/5 at the latest) get in touch.

  10. Little advice : Get a map for this trekk ! It is a bit confusing, and in most of the places no one speaks english so it’s hard to orientated. Also, a bus does the whole trail for 1-2 years now, so it is not as isolated as it used to be. Very great trekk though, and beautiful view if there is not to much fog !