Indian Himalayas Trek (Dec 2013 / Jan 2013)

Hi I am interested in doing an icy trek in the Indian Himlayas sometime between Nov 2013 and Jan 2014… I am open to all treks / dates but prefer no guides / no booking with trek companies…

I am an intermediate trekker, with some experience in mountaineering and traverse… Please let me know if interested, have no plan yet..



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  1. Hey, what do you have in mind? I’m potentially keen. My email address is:

  2. To be honest I haven’t really looked into trekking there at all and am open to suggestions, it’s my 30th and I’m hoping to summit a peak 1-2weeks.. Any ideas?

  3. Are you already in India at the moment? I’m planning on being there a bit later. I think it might be easier to chat.
    How much time do you have?

  4. I have all the time in world but I’m hoping to complete the trek by 20dec since my gf arrives… Can come to india end of November or beg December : I wanna do a trek that takes around 1-2 weeks if that’s possible…

    U can catch me on FB Ammr s Donia if you wanna chat

  5. I and couple of my friend would be interested in joining along! We are planning Manali as base…

    Had planned up a cycling expedition from Manali to Leh ( Have done previously twice ) but am skeptical seeing the weather as of Nov/Dec.

    If you don’t care about weather and hardships, lemme know!! We can plan along for a great adventure… 🙂

    Safe Riding.!