Looking to trek during March 2016 anywhere in India. Looking for a reasonably priced guide/partners. I’m still very up in the air about the trip. I really want to go, but ’til now, I can’t find a reputable guide/company to book with.

I have all of March free, except for the 1st.



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  1. Hi Grace,

    Actually I planned one between 3rd April 2016 to 8th – April – 2016. But it is in uttarakhand. I’m about to go independent with my local guide , he’s very good at guiding people up to Chandrashila Summit. Please let me know if you able to join . The starting point of the trip is Haridwar city in uttarakhand state

    • hello Gokulakrishnan! i want to go to Kanchenjunga in Sikkim. want to join efforts?

  2. Hello Vladimir ,

    Are are your going to Kanchenjunga base camp or summit ?


  3. i want to go to the BC, may be from sikkim side. want to join efforts?

  4. Sure Vladimir ,

    i’m interested come along with you for BC. May i know the departure date ? i’m already planned upto mid-april.

    please send me the message


  5. i booked a ticket to bagdogra for 31 March and plan to start the goecha la trek around 2 April. my skype is yurkuns.