Hey Guys,

I am planning on travelling to Iceland during the summer of 2016. I would like to backpack the Laugavegur Trail. I have no set plans and am pretty flexible. I was thinking of departing either during the months of July or August. I would like to have a partner (I did half of the trail last year solo and found it to be very helpful with someone/a group around).

So let me know if anyone is interested!!



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  1. Hi Heather,
    I just came across your page and thought that I would reply to your post.
    I am contemplating a coast to coast trek across Iceland at some point next summer (July/August) and have spent the last few months looking into the logistics of doing this. My current thinking is that I will start in the south at Skogar and join the Laugevegar trail to Landmannalauger before continuing on to Nyidalur. At the moment potential finish points include Akureyi, Varmalid/Saudarkrokur or Husavik/Reykjahlid/Myvatn. Dates and route still very flexible. I’d be looking to camp during the entire crossing and plan to send a couple of resupply parcels to a couple of huts before the trip to minimise pack weight and hopefully costs when I’m there.
    I love backpacking and have walked across Scotland twice now as part of the TGO Challenge ( and wish to broaden my horizons with a new challenge. Although I would attempt this solo I think I will feel happier sharing the experience with someone, or a small group of like minded people.
    Kind Regards
    Mark Williams

  2. Hi Heather, Hi Mark,
    I’d also be interested in the full coast to coast trek across Iceland, if you two still have it in mind. I’m pretty flexible throughout July/August, but mid July – mid Aug would be best for me. I’m guessing the full trek would take approx 30 days?

  3. Hi Alanna,

    Thanks for responding. I don’t think Heather has been checking this website since she posted her original “Iceland” post.

    Yes, I have spent the last few months looking into the logistics of doing a coast to coast across Iceland based on my recent experiences doing two TGO coast to coast treks across Scotland.

    My current thinking is that I will start in the south at Skogar and then join the Laugevegur Trail at Porsmork and then continue to Landmannalauger. From there I would then follow the F26 to Nyidalur and on to Reykjahlid/Myvatn via the F910 and Dyngjufjalladalur. Looking to hire a bike at Reykjahlid before cycling 90km to Akureyi on the last day to complete the coast to coast.

    This would take 14 days walking an average of 26km (15 miles) a day at a moderate pace (I did geology at University so will certainly be taking time to stop and look at the rocks and geothermal activity along the way as this area overlies the Mid Atlantic Ridge :-)). An extra 4 days for travel between UK and Iceland will be required, so 18 days in total for the whole trip.

    I haven’t started detailed route planning yet so this route is still flexible. Looking to order some smaller scale maps soon to start planning in more detail.

    At the moment I’m looking to arrive in Reykjavik on Thursday 11th Aug and fly back to the UK on Sunday 28th Aug. These dates are still flexible but I hope to book the flight tickets as soon as possible.

    If your interested I could post or send you a breakdown of my route plan so far?

  4. Hey thanks for the response 🙂 Yes, please do send through the breakdown so far. Perhaps in a private message. I haven’t had a chance to look into it too much myself yet but I’m hoping to in the next couple of weeks (holidays coming up). There’s a chance I might want to do it a bit more slowly, simply because I’ll have the time. Is there any reason you’ve decided to go South to North instead of the other way around?

  5. hello everybody,

    I want to trek in Iceland and looking for partners. I am flexible with schedule and have plenty of time. I need 1 month time for visa processing. Please let me know if anybody is interested.


  6. Hey,

    Im looking at doing the same hike and will be there all through August (arrive 29th July). I was going to do it solo but am thinking it might be nice to have someone around for river fording and the likes.
    Let me know what you think

  7. I’m also looking for a Luagavegur group or partner for early July. I will be in Reykjavík through July 4, looking to depart after that.

  8. Hi Guys,

    I’ll be landing in iceland August 23rd and starting the Laugavegur hike on the 24th of August for 6 days ending in skogar. We’re 4 friends traveling together and there may possibly be a 5th joining us (currently in communication via this site with her)

    Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome. If you plan on doing so, I advise you hurry to book the Volcano hut in Fimmvorduhals. We booked our spots 2 weeks ago and there’s only about 6 to 8 spots left. Camping is not an option at that location. Otherwise, you’d have to either end the hike in Thorsmork or do a straight shot to Skogar without an overnight at Fimmvorduhals.