Humla or Dolpo Trek in June, looking for partners.


Im looking for partner(s) for a trek in Humla or Dolpo starting somtime mid June for max 2 weeks.

Originally ive been researching a trek from Simikot – Hilsa – Till or Jang on the Limi trail.

These areas are restricted so there in a minimum of 2 people to enter Simikot. Its possible to fly from Nepalgunj or Surket, and ive also been looking into a bus from Surket, but this would be arduous.

Flights also have discounts for more travellers.

Part of this trip would include about 4 days camping from Hilsa to Till. In between Marpene and Till there is a Buddhist meditation cave, and many other faciniating sights.

Check out GHT (Great Himilaya Trail website) Humla section for more details.
Dolpa –
Humla –

Im also interested in Dolpo to Humla trek,but i have not done any research. Im open to suggestions.

If anyone is interested, im in Kathmandu from tomorrow (1/6/13), please get in touch.




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