Huayuash Circuit in Peru


I am looking to head to Peru in May. As I am on my own, I hope to meet up with others to trek the circuit. I would be happy to do it independently with others, as long as we have the map and are fully prepared, but would want to hire a donkey or some help to carry supplies due to the elevation.

I am also happy to hire a guide, but would prefer to stick to local rather than a trekking company.
I have not booked my flight yet, as I am still doing some research. I have yet to find out costs of the trek with a guide. Not a lot of information on the internet. I would head to Huruaz and acclimatize for a week before, maybe taking in a day hike.

I am a 45 year old woman from Vancouver, Canada. I am an experienced backpacker/trekker/alpinist. I have done many trips around the world and at home.
Young in nature and spirit, I seek fun, easy going individuals to hike with.

Any ideas, suggestions for guides or otherwise, please let me know.

Thanks, Oriana



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  1. Hi Oriana,
    I am looking for a partner to do the Huayhuash Trek with. I am a laid back 22 year old American with a lot of experience backpacking. If you want to meet up and put together some plans let me know.