Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Hi I am planning to go to Kanchenjunga both base camps, departing beginning of November. Am looking to form a small group for company and sharing costs. I have trekked in Nepal previously and know reliable people for guide or porter if neccessary.



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  1. Hi Ayelet, I’ll arrive in Huaraz on 10th september, and I’m also looking for a partner, if you can delay some days your trip, maybe we can share the way 🙂

  2. Hi Francisco, I only have one month in Peru so unfortunately I can’t delay my trek. Anyway good luck to you, have a nice trek.

  3. Good look for you too, enjoy it!!

  4. Please ignore the Peru conversation (had to edit a previous trek) this refers to Nepal in November

  5. Hi Ayelet,
    I’m interessed,arriving Kathmandu november 4or 5th
    Done 2 treks in Nepal : Manaslu and Naar Phu Tilicho.
    What would be the budget ?

    • Hi Nicolas. The trek lasts around 20-22 days, around 20-25$ per day for food and board. besides that the flight is 170$ each way (could be done much cheaper on a 16 hour bus ride). There is also another 11 hour bus ride(Nepali local bus not expensive).If you want a porter it’s 20$ a day, guide is also 20$ a day(shared by the group). If this suits your plans stay in touch.

  6. Hi,
    I’m looking at going around late october to early november, yet to book my flights.

    • Haven’t been to Nepal, but I’m 20 and fit. I’d say a group of 3-4 will make the cost more manageable and safer.

  7. Hi Isaac . I haven’t yet booked my flight either, but plan to arrive in Nepal November 1st or second at the very latest. I also think that up to 4 people is probably the ideal group size. I will definitely be doing the trek and will be glad to do it with some other people for company.