Hittin the trail

Hey Yall

Just decided to get to Nepal and plan to do the Annapurna Circuit, haven’t done much research, but will do more so in the next week to finalize plans.  Budget gonna be low, no porter, looking to take my time, be in Nepal from 3/10-4/28.  

I have experience hiking, cycling, dirt bagging (low budget) traveling.  Let me know if anyone is around these times, not gonna try to force things, but maybe wait at a teahouse to meet up.  



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  1. Hi!
    I am headed to pokhara from Darjeeling tomorrow, hoping to arrive by the 11th to do a 10 day unguided trek. I am an experienced backpacker with a WFR certification. This last summer I lived at 12,500ft and built trails in the Palisade lakes area of the PCT/JMT. If you have room for one more on your journey I may want to join?