Hispar-Biafo Snow Lake via Lukpe La and Hispar La – Aug 2013

Hi all

I am one person organising a trek across the Biafo-Hispar glaciers and the Simgang Basin, otherwise known as Snow Lake – one of the most spectacular treks in the world. You will be trekking across the longest glaciers outside of the polar regions in the vicinity of several 8000m peaks and over 35 peaks over 7000m. The place is extremely remote and beautiful and you won’t be fighting against other trekkers to find a place to sleep!

I have arranged an itinery with an agency in Pakistan of which we are already a group of 2 confirmed group members, though this is likely to rise as there has been interest with Pakistani trekkers. As I am a budget traveller I have negotiated a good price but this depends if we get 4 people or more. It is an expedition style trek with porters carrying loads (not crazy amounts like Nepal), with mess tent and all meals provided.

I am interested in adding maybe 2 days to explore the Lukpe La which is north east of Snow Lake (Sim Gang glacier) because the scenery here is mindblowing. The Lukpe La is not too difficult and so no high altitude porters are needed and offers fantastic views of Snow Lake and the Braldu glacier. The plan is then to head down to the Simgang basin otherwise know as Snow Lake which was described by Francis Younghusband as the “finest mountain scenery to behold”.

We then cross the Hispar La (5100m) and spend the night there to wake up with fantastic views of the Ogre and back towards the Biafo glacier.

Check the videos out:

Lukpe La



If you want to find out more drop me a PM to get my email:





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  1. Hi Andy,
    Your itinerary sounds pretty awesome.
    I am interested to join your group for sure, however are you sure about the length? Looks like 2 weeks might be too short, no? Also, am I correct to assume you’ll be in Islamabad around Aug 4th? If you do not mind drop me a mail for easier info exchange: hdemallerais@gmail.com

    • HI Henri

      I have sent an email to your gmail account.


  2. Better video of the awesome Braldu Glacier and Lukpe La crossing, from 4min40 on the video:


    • Extremely enticing plan but bloody college will kick my arse if I miss 3 weeks. Do share your blogs and pictures and keep us updated about future treks

  3. Hello Andy

    I am from Pakistan but living abroad, would like to know if you still hold on to your plans after recent incidents. if you are still in, i am planning the same trip but end of 2nd week in Aug. As i live abroad i have limited time so can not start before 12th Aug. Please let m know your plans and if interested you can contact me to at adeel.muhammad@gmail.com

    all the best!


    • Hi Adeel, no can do i’m afraid as my flights are fixed due to annual leave at work. The trek should be starting on 4th August.

  4. This looks very exiting and I’d be keen to be part of it. The dates/times are also very convenient for me. If this is still going ahead (in view of the tragic events last weekend), I’d like to join up. You can contact me on : graham.duthie@tiscali.co.uk

    Kind regards


    • Graham, I have sent an email.

  5. Hi Andrew Naylor. if you want to do trek in Pakistan in Autumn to cold and very expansive for one person I suggest you there are explored some new trek Himalayan Regent Ghanche valley. Easy and short cheaper and very interesting from there you can see k2 and other 8 thousands peaks also