Himalaya expedition to Mustang: “The Forbidden Kingdom”

Hi everyone!

We are two french trekkers looking for 3 to 4 people to join our trip to the Upper Mustang, also known as “The Forbidden Kingdom” in Nepal!

We will be guided by an excellent agency who knows the region very well and have great recommendations from friends and customers.

At this time everything is prepared, and you will only have to worry about your plane tickets and equipment. Of course if you would like to visit a particular place and consequently modify the itinerary we are open to propositions although we would rather prefer to keep the one we have! (See itinerary section)

You might be interested in knowing that the Upper Mustang is one of the most beautiful region in the world. Contrary to the Annapurna circuit it’s a natural area that have been almost fully protected from tourism and “civilization”, its culture and landscape are gorgeous. The entire experience is unique.

Finally, the region is fully protected from the monsoon so hopefully we won’t be wet during all the trek!



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  1. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your info for this Mustang Treks. Your price is expensive for this tour i think. I also thinking to go there. Better talk from email. So send me your email address please by private message.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I have sent you pvt message for this Upper Mustang Trekking;

  3. Hi, I really want to go on this trip. I have private messaged you as it’s quite expensive.