Hiking in the Plitvice Lakes National Park

Anyone planning a trip to Croatia June 2013? Looking to hook up with some people for the Plitvice National Park hike. It’s supposed to be beautiful! It’d be great to have some company!

Hey, I am keen to hike in Plitvice Lakes National Park in June too. I see your post is pretty old – have you made any plans yet? – Sophie


Hi Sophie,
I never made it actually – got caught up in other plans. The photos on the internet looked incredible which inspired me to try and go there, and Croatia as well sounds like a country worth exploring. I hope you have a great trip , and let me know how it goes!

Troy Himhoff



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  1. Croatia is really beaitiful, but if you have the time I really urge you to take the trip to Slovenia and explore the beautiful mountains around Lake Bled. The Julian Alps are spectacular and there are some amazing hiking possibilites in this area, as well as some very nice locals.