Hiking in California over Winter Break

Hello everyone! I am a student and planning to go hiking somewhere in California for entire winter break. Actually I am international one, it is my first year in CA so I decided to stay here for the break to know better local culture and develop my english. I haven’t big experience in hiking therefore if you have- that is cool but if not…we will have more fun, I think. The only trouble I haven’t got a car to go to initial point of journey so if you have- cool, if not- we could find a solution)



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  1. Moderator

    Hey Rusarseny! I can’t join you but do have some advice! When you’re posting for partners, best that you try to at least put some options out for potential trips. The more that you can share about a trip that you could potentially do, the more likely you are in getting responses

  2. hi rusarseny. where you will be staying? do you plan any socal mountains in your trekking itinerary?

  3. Hi ! I’m a student too (I live in WA, but I’m from France so I don’t have much to do for winter break) and I want to go trekking (I’m free from Dec 15th to Jan 6th), so I’d be down to plan something !