Hiking in Annapurna Region & biking to Tibet Border

trekking in the Annapurna Region/Lantang and looking for like minded partners who would be willing to trek together. Thanks and enjoy!



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  1. Hi Muriel,

    I am also beginning my trek around October 17 and have been researching the Annapurna Region (my first time to Nepal). Are you planning to trek both Annapurna and Lantang? Have you decided on specific treks? Let me know your thoughts


  2. Hi Muriel and Austin my name is Camilo, I’m chilean and i’m arriving to Nepal on October the 16th and I have time to do some trekking until Nov the 8th. I have the contact of an independent guideif you’re interested. I also would like to do the Annapurna circuit so just let me know.


  3. hi Mureil and everybody,
    I am interested in annapurna trek. If you want to trek independently let me know via mail.
    my e-mail: hitendra_joshi@hotmail.com

  4. Hi Muriel, Austin, Camilo and Hitendra,

    It seems like a popular time for trekking in Nepal 🙂 I’m looking to make a trek during my stay in nepal as well during this period. Did you finalise any plans and/or is there room for one more travel companion?