hiking annapurna circuit

Hello! My name is Loraine from the Netherlands and I’m 25 years old. I’m in Nepal for two months.
At the moment I’m in Pokhara, and I want to walk the Annapurna Circuit, including the sidetrip to Tilicho Lake. I would like to start some time this week.
I want to do this trek without a guide or a porter. I have a map of the area and instructions from a guide.
Since trekking with some nice company is much more fun, who would like to join me on this adventure?



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  1. Hi Loraine!
    I am in Kathmandu, but sounds like we”re of a similar mindset on what we’re looking to do. I was thinking I would head up to Besi Sahar or Bhulbule on Thursday (Oct 10th) to start the circuit. I was also thinking I”d do it without guide/porters but having a partner to trek with would make it much more enjoyable/memorable I think. I’m fairly flexible on how long we would take to do it, but agree that I’ve heard that Tilicho Lake is a must.
    Im a 34 year old guy from Canada who is relatively experienced with outdoor adventures and am really looking forward to getting out of Kathmandu and out into the mountains!
    my email is: jdosman@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Loraine,

    I am an agent sales and organize guided trek. Regular annapurna trek are quite ok with or without but Tilicho I am definitely not going to recommend without guide and joining reliable agency who could help in emmergnecy.

    For more please feel free to call or e-mail info@gurkhaencounters.com 9051022717

  3. 9851022717

  4. Hi Loraine and John,
    Have you started on the trek?
    Im plnning to do the AC on 26th from besi sahar to jomsom.