Hiking adventure in Mongolia :)

So, I’ve really wanted to go to Mongolia for hiking for quite a while and decided I’m going this summer, sometime in mid/end July. I was thinking to hike around Mount Kharkiraa or around the Gobi area, haven’t quite decided yet. Can’t convince any of my friends to come with me, so I’m looking for some people to share the adventure with. Thinking of a small group (3-4 people all together).

I’ve hiked before, not a total newbie, but not that advanced either. Looking for someone with a fairly good level of fitness and moderate pace.

Plans are still flexible so let me know if this sounds tempting.



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  1. Hi Sofia,

    I’m looking at doing an amazing hiking vacation for this summer and your plan to go hiking around Mongolia sounds pretty good. I might like to start a vacation earlier than the 17th as I’m off from teaching around July 6th for 5 weeks. Generally I like to get away asap, but not a absolute must. Are your dates allready set or flexible?
    Lmk any further plans, ideas and see If we can come to a mutual one. 🙂