Helambu / Gosainkunda

After 2.5 month working in Kathmandu, I will have 7 days left for holidays / trekking (1 – 7 April). I was already travelling to the Helambu area for work and would like to go there back for trekking. – Who would like to join?



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  1. Hi Johanna, viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz! Ich lande am Dienstag in KTM, und möchte am Donnerstag in Richtung Langtang/Gosainkund/Helambu aufbrechen. Ich bin nicht sicher, ob wir einen gemeinsamen Plan für das Trekking finden, aber vielleicht hast Du Zeit für ein gemeinsames Essen. Mir würden ein paar Insider-Infos von Dir sicher sehr helfen. Falls Du Interesse und Zeit hast, dann melde Dich doch bitte. Liebe Grüsse, Thomas

  2. Hi Johanna! Please dont be worried because of my picture, I can not change it from my facebook account ;). At the moment I am in Kathmandu and thought about this trek as well. I am very open minded about where to go, at least if it is not too high. Maybe, if you did not find somebody yet, you can contact me and we could meet for breakfast/lunch/dinner and see if we can make up some plan?
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Johanna!
    I’m also planning a short trip before leaving Nepal! I was thinking of leaving Saturday (Apr 1) and doing the Langtang Valley trek to Kianjin Gompa and back down, in 5 or 6 days including bus rides, from Kathmandu. But let’s talk about Helambu as well, it’s nearby too!
    Contact me if you are interested so can meet and have chat.
    See you soon,


Duration 7 days
Budget$300 per person