Heading to Langtang or ABC

Plan on heading to Langtang or ABC for 8 to 9 days starting on Dec 25 – January 3 or 4. Wanted to know if anybody was interested in joining me. I’m a solo traveller!



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  1. Hey! I am interested to join if you make the ABC. I want to head to Langtang on the 15th. Do you want to start from Kathmandu?

  2. Hi,
    My name is Annika (26 yr old Australian) I’m looking to hike over Christmas. From the 22nd of Dec until the 3th of Jan. I’m keen to do Langtang as apparently it’s beautiful and as it’s getting cooler, I think it’s better at this time of the year. I’d like to find a trekking partner if possible. I’m a confident hiker with some experience. Let me know what your thoughts and movements are. I’m currently in Kathmandu for work until this Saturday (21/12). Cheers, Annika

  3. Hi Nina and Annika,

    I’m arriving on the 23rd of December. I will probably depart Katmandu on the 25th of December to either Langtang(preferably) or to Annapurna. I have until the 5th of January. If either of you are flexible and can wait until the 25th, I would like to join you. Please let me know if this fits your itinerary. Cheers, Sam

  4. Hey Sam and Nina,
    I’m keen to do this however I really am hoping not to be in Kathmandu on Christmas Day. If it is at all possible to leave for Langtang on the 24th that you be great, so we could start walking Christmas Day otherwise maybe I’ll get started and meet you somewhere along the way… Where are you flying in from? I can imagine you may be tired so I understand why you want to leave 25th.
    Anyway email me annikastott@gmail.com.
    Thanks, Annika

  5. Hi Guys,
    I just found this thread. I’m also a solo traveler (female, 32, from the US) and definitely interested in the same time period. I haven’t bought my tickets yet but I think I can arrive in Kathmandu by the 25/26. I did a ton of research and was pretty convinced that based on the time of year and length of trip, ABC or Poon Hill promised the best variety and views. I’m open to Langtang but am curious to know if there was a reason why you prefer that. Have you made plans yet? I’m margot.stern at gmail. Thanks!!

  6. Hi Guys, I am a solo traveller, (female, 33 Russian/British). I am already in Kathmandu, and I am deciding on which trek to do to. I would like to start on 25th or 26th December and finish before 2nd Jan. my email is margo.savitskaya@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.