Gunung bagging in Java anyone?

Hi there,

I’m planning to travel from West to East Java over 2 months, visiting quite a few of the national parks, climbing a lot of volcanos and try to climb Mt Semeru. I’m planning on hiring a guide if needed, but pack my own gear, including camping gear. I walk slowly, take a lot of photographs and can communicate a little in Bahasa Indonesia. I’d like to meet and trek with others on the way, for the company as well as share costs. I usually meet other Indonesian trekkers when I’ve been before (this is my second Java trip and 5th or 6th trip to Indonesia) so is there anyone out there who’d like to join me anywhere along the way?

On my list is:

Ujung Kulon NP

Gunung Gede-Pangrango



Gunung Merapi

Gunung Lawu

Mt Semeru and Bromo (camping in the park, not at CL)


I’ll also be hitting a few cities, but not going to Jogja or temples as been there already.



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  1. hey, can you tell me what you’re planning on doing in May with maybe some tentative dates? i’ll be in indonesia for the month

  2. Hi Noah,

    I don’t have a fixed itinerary but my rough guess is the final 3 will be in May. I plan to do Semeru/Bromo last which will probably be the final week in May as I fly home on 31st

  3. ok semeru/bromo would actually fit my schedule well so I’m in. a few questions tho…first: cost/duration? second: i’m not going to have any camping gear, how easy/costly is it to rent, if you know? thanks, looking forwards

  4. There is a PHKA post at Ranu Pane where they would probably have some camping gear for hire. Getting to Ranu Pane is fairly easy from Malang but requires a few minibuses and an ojek and some negotiating skills.

    Semeru is supposedly a 2-3 day hike depending on whether you summit and walk all the way back down in the same day or not. Ranu Pane to Bromo side is a half day walk and then the sunrise the next morning… add a rest day between the semeru trek and heading across to Bromo and you’ve probably got 5-6 days.

    I’ll have to get back to you on costs. probably have to hire a guide for Semeru and then there’s the entrance fee. will look them up. Guide prices are always negotiable and not being a place frequented by a lot of foreigners I’m sure it’s possible to get reasonable prices. They are really friendly in Ranu Pane, I had a great conversation with one guy who told me about the mountaineer rescue hut they have there and that it would be possible to stay there instead of at the home stay should I come again though the home stay is quite nice and good hot showers and food. I am rambling..


    is a recent trip report. also, yes, you can hire camping gear at the park office at Ranu Pani.

  6. ok that all sounds great. I’d definitely like to come but I need to know some kind of rough approx of the cost since im on a pretty tight budget. thx for your help, looking forward to this

  7. well…
    It costs 5000Rp in Bemo to Tumpang, where I intend to do my food shopping. Then depending on how I feel I may walk from Gubug Klakah to Ranu Pani, which would probably take 6 hours, maybe more, it’s quite steep in places but the scenery is beautiful. Alternatively, I could take an ojek 80-100,000Rp depending on negotiating skills. Accommodation at home stay was about 65,000Rp, including meals. I think park entrance is about 20,000Rp, had a bit of trouble finding out how much it is, unlikely to be more than this. This is a very expensive price, usual price is 2000-5000Rp at most parks. A guide, at their most expensive, would be 400,000Rp per day, but I suspect possible to pay a lot less. If not actually doing the summit I think it would be possible to walk most of the way without a guide, just the summit climb is dangerous. A porter would cost similar, but I don’t intend to hire one. Camping gear (tent/sleeping bag/mat) would probably be in the vicinity of 75,000 to 100,000Rp for the trip.
    Is that within your budget?

  8. yea it definitely look like it! let me just get some clarifications-how many nights would we be staying in a homestay? if we took a guide, how many days would that be for? all in all, looks good though, tell me when/where to meet you and lets plan on it

  9. I guess it would be 2 nights in home stay (one before trek, one after) and I think the Semeru trek is 3 days 2 nights.
    I can’t and won’t commit to dates at this stage Noah, as this trek is the final one I plan to do in my 2 months in Java and anything could happen between times. All I can say is that it will be after the 20th May. We would plan to meet in Malang. Once I’m in Indo I can give you my number (I have to get a new SIM card) and we can keep in touch closer to the time.

  10. I have no problem with that. just put a message in here or PM me and we’ll get in touch later on

  11. I would appreciate you not hijacking my post. I am not planning on going to Lombok.

  12. Noah, National Parks fees look scheduled to increase very significantly in May, up to 640,000Rp on a weekend for Bromo Semeru NP, so it may no longer be within your budget. Not known whether the fee increases will go ahead yet, but doesn’t look good. I’m now undecided about whether I’ll go ahead as I was planning on visiting quite a few NPs and may now have to be a bit more picky.